About Simon Swain



Bayside Building Consultants was founded and is operated  by Simon Swain. Mr Swain  has been performing residential and commercial inspections since 1991.  He joined the American Society of Home Inspectors , and  in 1993 he became the youngest person to become a fully certified member at that time.  Mr Swain has trained and helped to launch the careers of dozens of inspectors along the East Coast of the USA.


Our Goal

We are committed to serve our clients needs by supplying them with critical information they need to make an educated home buying decision.  We achieve this objective by combining knowledge and technology with our practiced skills.


Putting it All Together

You are making what is for most people, the biggest purchase of your life!  In doing so, we feel you deserve to have all of the relevant facts.  We are truly grateful that so many people have placed their trust in us, and look forward to helping you make a great home purchase.